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Thank you for the sales training program "PURPOSE" conducted with our company over the last 6 weeks.Our staff appreciated the "hands on" perspective.Your candid feedback on the basics ; dress, conversation and presentation was good. These are things managers often contemplate but may find difficult to navigate.The flexibility on timing and scheduling the course content worked well with our business needs.I appreciate how you tailored the cost and content to suit our business.I think our senior sales people benefited the most. Best Wishes and regards.
Charlton D’Silva
CEO Publicitas Asia and Australia 

Although generally happy, I had been feeling frustrated about certain aspects of my life and wanted to find the confidence to make changes. David Lee helped me define my goals and understand what was important in my life in order to have balance. Through my sessions with David Lee I learnt how to believe in myself and welcome change. I have since made a career change into a challenging yet rewarding role, I am exercising regularly and making the most of all opportunities that come my way!
Chloe H.
Pyrmont NSW

I recently spent some invaluable quality time for my small business Inner Moments which is already paying dividends after only 3 weeks.  After a somewhat difficult stretch where I was achieving limited success, I was recommended to David Lee who runs Leeway's Small Business Health Check course/program.  David was highly motivational, challenging me to revisit not only the basics of building a successful business, but also discovering new growth areas and key benefits that I had lost focus on.  It wasn't all about business; the health check included ensuring an important life balance in the overall picture. What I learnt was invaluable, and I would urge anyone wishing to take some great leaps forward for their business to invest some time with David, he's not only a great guy but really has a winning formula.
Suzanne Vidak 2010
Owner Inner Moments

David is a pleasure to train with as he not only offers physical help but enriches your soul with his views on life and good humour.
Simon W.
Manly NSW

Training with David is fun. His ability to motivate is better than any other trainer I've encountered. We work hard but have a laugh at the same time which makes for an all round great workout!
Ben Marshall 22
Manly NSW

Thank you David for your care, compassion and commitment during our sessions over the last few months. Before I came to you, I was feeling uncertain about many areas of my life- career, relationships and money. From our sessions I learnt how to articulate what I wanted, where I wanted to go and who I needed to be... to get there. Most importantly I enjoyed having someone to be accountable to. In life and business, it can be all too easy to have dreams and not follow through. I feel as though now I am taking the steps not only forward but stepping up in a big way also. I cannot thank you enough for your support and guidance. I would recommend your services to anyone who is not only ready to step up and be committed to who they are, but also to who they are becoming. Thank you.
Nicole Rasborsek
Passion Pulse, Coach
Gymea. NSW

Being a mother of a 15yr old girl and a new baby boy at 44 was a real shock to the system. My life as I knew it was gone, I was finding it hard to cope even with the small stuff. Hello post natal depression. Life coaching was suggested by a close friend. Now 3months on and I have a much firmer grip on my life,thanks to David and his wonderful way of steering me in the right direction. His skillful way of weeding out the positive actions,thoughts and general life skills of mine were amazing. I will continue to use the techniques David has given me every day. My life is much happier,and so is my family, working with David has been a pleasure, thanks once again for giving me my head back.  
Lana Coleman. 2010

David is a brilliant coach and mentor. The emotional and social intelligence skills David taught me are valuable business and personal life tools, which I will utilise and build on in future years to come.

I‘ve been lucky to enjoy working in various international locations including London and Dubai over the past four years, always maintaining constant communication with David and often still calling on him for advice in my professional pursuits.
David’s mentorship and continual wise words of wisdom have been instrumental in my progression and success in the media and advertising industry, both in Australia and abroad.

David is a very talented professional and coach. I admire his approach to business, outlook on life and cool charisma.   
Vanessa Purcell
Group Sales Manager
The Media Factory
Dubai, UAE

I have known David for many years and have found him to be one of the few in this industry who take the time to really understand our business and make sure that the work that he does for us is really relevant to our needs. With his insight and experience David stands out in this area.
Alison Van Dyke
Director, Group M

David has a wealth of sales knowledge and his ability to think of innovative ways to exceed client’s expectations, whilst always keeping a very high level of service, is refreshingly enjoyable.

David’s commitment and passion, is second to none, and it gives me great pleasure to highly recommend him to any business that is looking to increase it’s sales, and has a commitment to continually improving their sales systems and staff.
Mark Buckley
Publisher Drink Magazine Dublin

David Lee lives and breathes sales. He has a way of getting to know you and what you need quickly and easily, and to quickly develop recommendations tailored to your business. Give him a call and see for yourelf.
April 12, 2008
Jennifer Dalitz, sheEO, sphinxx

I'm pleased to hear that David Lee is coaching sales reps and passing on his knowledge to others outside of his direct influence with Leeway Consulting. I have seen his same levels of aptitude emulated in the sales teams he has lead in the past and believe any industry will benefit from his enthusiastic commitment to effectiveness and relationship marketing.
Bryony Brampton
EMEA Director
Mediacom London