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My corporate career had been in sales and sales management roles in some of Australia’s leading companies across the retail industry, finance sector, in real estate and for over 20 years in the advertising industry.

I have worked with companies such as AMP, City Mutual Group, ACP magazines, Fairfax, News Limited, APN News and Media & Macquarie Radio’s 2GB.

In each of these companies I have worked on or have been directly responsible for the launch and relaunch of several new products and initiatives, with personal sales of over 100 million dollars.

It is very fair to say that I’ve had a pretty solid grounding in working with teams and in dealing successfully with organisations at every level of the sales and relationship process.

In 2007 Leeway Consulting was launched as a sales training organisation.

By creating a mnemonic based personal success product, Leeway offers holistic empowerment in sales skills, negotiation skills and presentation skills combined with relationship and networking skills which all tie in nicely to provide a natural process of professionalism and empowerment.

The absolute relevance of Leeway’s empowerment and team building courses mean that whether you are building a new team, launching new products or wanting to move individuals to the next level in their sales career, Leeway Consulting can create a program suitable to individual or team needs.

Leeway Consulting has worked effectively with Channel 9, Torch Media, Publicitas, Macquarie Radio, Media Puzzle, Ultimate Media and Channel 10, through a variety of workshops designed to introduce teams to their individual strengths and offerings, whilst integrating their products to their client needs.

Regardless of how good you might think your product is, consider the truism "People buy people and then they buy their products."